Integrative / Holistic Care

At Our Family Doctor, everything we do is integrative care. We are expert physicians, yes, and at the same time, we recognize and respect the value that other less well-known types of therapy can provide. Therefore, we keep an open mind when it comes to researching and recommending alternative medical resources. Two excellent resources that we have used with tremendous success are life coaching and life extension supplements.

Nutrition Supplements

At Our Family Doctor, we know there is no single answer to maintaining good health. It is a balance of many things, one of which is ensuring your body has the important nutrients and minerals it needs. Unfortunately, nowadays we rarely get what we need from diet alone. Nutritional supplements play a key role in keeping our bodies running the way they should. With thousands of supplement brands and types, choosing the right ones for your body and lifestyle can be daunting. Let us help.

The Our Family Doctor staff has spent years researching the various products and brands available: herbal remedies, hormones, minerals, extracts, vitamins. We’ve made it our business to remain current on the quality and purity of over-the-counter supplements. As a result we can work with you to recommend and provide dietary supplements that work in conjunction with your lifestyle. Specifically, we can tailor a supplemental program to help ensure:

  • Cardio-Vascular Health
  • Emotional Balance
  • General Health
  • Mental Acuity
  • Immune System Health
  • Bone and Joint Care
  • Men’s and Women’s Health

 With our on-site nutrition center, you get the convenience you want and the wholesale pricing you need to be at your absolute best everyday.