Geriatric Care

One of the greatest advantages of choosing a family practice such as Our Family Doctor is the continuity of care. At Our Family Doctor, our specialty is life care. So who better to care your changing medical needs as you age than the people who have been with you all along?

Each of our physicians is skilled, experienced and current when it comes to caring for aging patients. Below are just a few areas in which we pride ourselves. Whatever your specific concerns or questions, we encourage you to discuss them with us.

Prostate Exams

For men 50 and older, the American Cancer Society recommends annual prostate exam. Sure, it can be a bit uncomfortable but in many cases it’s worth it. The most common type of prostate exam is the digital rectal exam. It only takes a few seconds while the doctor manually checks the back of your prostate, feeling for any abnormalities. A second type of prostate screening is the PSA blood test. This screening does not involve physically examining the prostate gland; instead it looks for certain “markers” in the blood that could be signs of prostate cancer.

Each type of screening has its own benefits. Your Our Family Doctor physician can help you determine which one may be right for you.

Bone and Joint Care

Asheville’s extensive medical network includes some of the regions’ best rheumatologists and orthopedic physicians. As an established primary care provider, Our Family Doctor is a key referral source into this network. For elderly patients suffering from bone and joint problems, we provide valuable services such as nutrition counseling, diagnostic and screening services. If your care requires the involvement of a specialist, we will make sure you are seen by the most appropriate professional and will are always here to answer your questions.