Our Family Doctor Staff


At Our Family Doctor, we recognize that one of our most important assets is our staff.  We have carefully selected each OFD staff member from a crowded field of applicants for the very reason that each of them is special.  Each of our staff members brings a unique skill set and work experience to the practice. Our staff posses a true sense of empathy and compassion, are hard working, and maintains a positive, “can do” attitude in their efforts to serve their patients. We hope that over time you will get to know and appreciate our special staff.

From the moment you walk into Our Family Doctor and check in with reception, you will be greeted by a warm smile and hello from Marla, Ana or Kaitlyn.  They will make sure that all of your information in the computer is correct, and will get your appointment started off right.  You’ll see them again during check out.

Next you’ll be brought back to an exam room by one of our Medical Assistants.  Brandy, Shina, Katie, Abby and Kim will expertly take your vital signs, and begin your encounter in one of our exam rooms.  At Our Family Doctor, you will not be assigned to just one medical assistant, as our team works together with each of the physicians to meet your health care needs.

After your visit, if you need any laboratory tests, you will proceed to our in-house lab and meet Ann, our Lab Technician.  She will make sure your lab experience is as painless and worry-free as possible. Our Administrative team with Kim, our Clinical Admin Coordinator and Brittany, our Referral Coordinator will help to ensure all information is detailed and documented accordingly and that you are able to see the specialists and allied health care providers in our community, as seamlessly and quickly as possible.

At the heart of our practice are two very important and talented staff members. Karen, our Practice Manager brings years of management experience to the team, and will make sure that all of the moving parts at Our Family Doctor are working in harmony, and that your patient experience is all that you hope for it to be.  Kim, our Billing Supervisor, is one of the most seasoned billing specialists in the community, and will answer all of your questions regarding insurance and billing. 

Thank you for trusting your care to Our Family Doctor.  Our Staff is here to serve you and maximize your patient experience.

(Photography by Laurie Johnson)