“Top 10” reasons to be a patient at OFD

To wind down 2013, I thought I’d try my hand at comedic writing with a tongue-in-cheek David Letterman-inspired “top 10” list. So here you have in ascending order the top 10 reasons expressed by patients as to why it’s great to be a patient at OFD. Please don’t worry, regardless of the outcome of this attempt at humor, I’ll keep my day job.

# 10:    “Nobody else in town is taking new patients”

# 9:      “My cousin Bob’s wife’s hairdresser said you guys were pretty good”

# 8:      “I really like the blue paint in your office, it’s so soothing…..”

# 7:      “Your electronic health record server seems to crash less often than other practices servers”

# 6:      “I heard you guys won Best Practice in WNC this year in the Mountain Express, so you can’t be that bad”

# 5:      “I really like reading your out-dated and crumpled magazines while waiting for an appointment”

# 4:      “Bev and Karol are really good at drawing my blood”

# 3:      “With all the pre-visit phone calls, text message reminders and other communication efforts put out by your staff, once I get over my annoyance with all of this it kinda seems like you guys really care about me”

# 2:      “Your staff is just so nice and friendly and really looks great in navy blue and purple”

And the number 1 reason why patients choose to come to OFD for their medical care…..

# 1:      “That picture of the doctors on the website homepage really reminds me of the 1970’s show Charlie’s Angels – and that was a really cool show”

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the OFD Doctors and Staff.

Michael Weizman, MD