Today, August 29th, 2013 marks our 2nd birthday as a practice and boy do we have a lot to celebrate. In just two short years Our Family Doctor has created a thriving practice that has been described by our patients as inviting, warm, reliable, professional and caring. We have managed to incorporate technology and team-based care in a host of ways such that our physicians and staff are delivering up to date, evidenced-based yet individualized care to our patients on a daily basis. Not only do we and our patients feel really good about what we have created together these last two years, but our model of care is beginning to turn heads in our community.

In case you missed it, Our Family Doctor was honored to receive the “Best Practice” award in the recent Mountain Express “Best of” edition. Not only that, but two of our physicians were recognized as “Best Doctors” in the same poll of WNC residents. Congratulations again to Dr. Meredith Polansky and Dr. Jodi Schwab for their hard work and dedication to their patients and for earning the recognition they deserved.

Earlier this summer, after a year of practice workflow redesign not to mention a herculean effort put forth by OFD’s practice manager Karen Fisher, Our Family Doctor put together our NCQA application for recognition as a Patient Centered Medical Home. Just last night, hours before our 2nd birthday, we got word that we had achieved Level 3 status, the highest level of recognition for this type of team-based care. As I have written in the past in this blog, the PCMH medical home model has been recognized as the cornerstone of primary care delivery for the 21st century. Even though we have been “walking the walk” as a medical home for the last two years now, we can now officially say that indeed, Our Family Doctor is a nationally recognized Patient Centered Medical Home!

But wait, there is yet more to celebrate at Our Family Doctor this year. In this last year we have been happy to see the growth of our friend base on Facebook, and have been very pleased by the growing response to our new, free and easy-to-use Patient Portal – with over 1000 of our patients signed up so far. If you are reading this blog and have not yet signed up for our secure patient portal, or have not yet become a friend of Our Family Doctor on Facebook, please do for the many benefits that these services offer.
Guess what? Yep, there is still more to celebrate at OFD as our dedication to the community does not begin and end in our office at 43 Oakland Road. This past year Dr. Weizman of OFD has participated in the WNC Pediatric Collaborative that is currently addressing Pediatric Asthma and Pediatric Obesity in our region. Doctors who participate in this effort share ideas with other Family Physicians, Pediatricians and Specialists in the community with the common goal of improving care for children throughout Western North Carolina.

Dr. Weizman also sits on the steering committee of the recently formed WNC Independent Physicians Association, a group of independent private practices in WNC who have united in the spirit of collaboration with the goal of providing the best care to families in our community. Additionally, in recent months Our Family Doctor has been invited to participate in the MAHEC sponsored “Ramp-Up” program. This program engages physicians, practice managers and select staff members in workshops and exercises with the goal of sharing and teaching best practices and workflows seen nationally. The hope is that when these participants turn around and share these ideas with other members of their clinical teams, we will see a collective increase in both value and excellence within our practices.
Wow, what a year. We can’t wait to see what our third year brings to the practice and to our patients. Thanks for all of your support and as always we wish you the best of health.

Michael Weizman, MD (and the OFD team)