One of the greatest frustrations that patients have with their doctor’s offices is the phone system, specifically the difficulty getting through to somebody at the practice.  Whether it’s setting up an appointment, calling in about a sick child, or requesting a medication refill – sometimes it just seems like all you get is the digital “run around”.

The doctors of Our Family Doctor know full well how poor the phone system and phone service had been in the last few months and years at the previous practice.  Because of that, we have completely upgraded our phone system with both a better digital/technical infrastructure, and a better triage/messaging method.  This system will “Go Live” when our practice opens on September 7th, 2011.  We hope that in the first weeks and months after our opening, our staff will work out the “kinks” with this new system, but we can’t do it alone.  We are asking for help from our patients with this process.

When you next call the office, please let us know how the phone service worked for you.  Were you able to get through to an actual person?  If not, did you try calling at a less busy time?  If you were directed to a voice mail, was it easy to navigate through the digital prompts and leave a message?  Was your message returned in a prompt manner?  Was the staff member on the other end of the phone pleasant and helpful?  These are the questions we need you to help us with.  Our Family Doctor very much would like to meet your needs, and pledge to you that we will tweak the system as needed until it is just right.

To share your comments/feedback please email us at:


The Physicians and Staff at OFD are very excited to continue to improve the service that we provide to our patients.  The improved phone system is one of the first steps.