Our Family Doctor – A Different Kind of Family Practice

During recent years, the state of health care and quality of services offered has caused many physicians to change the way they think about patient care. Primary Care Practices in particular have faced significant challenges, with increased demands being placed on them while reimbursements continue to decline. When faced with these challenges there seem to be two directions Family Physicians are heading. Either they are joining up with a hospital network of clinics, or they are “re-inventing” themselves, trying to separate out from the rest, ensuring relevance and a competitive edge moving forward as an outpatient clinic.

Our Family Doctor, which will officially open on September 7, 2011, is attempting to be one of these practices that remain independent and unique in the face of these changing times.

Michael Weizman, MD, had been working with Ravenscroft Family Health Center for the last 10 years providing care to thousands of patients in Western North Carolina. In December 2010, it became clear to Mike that his current practice format was not going to conform to Mike’s vision of how he wanted to practice Medicine.

Mike envisioned a widening use of medical technology and a strong dedication to patient satisfaction as critical keys for success. With this in mind, Mike approached his newest associate Meredith Polansky, MD who shares his practice style and vision, with the idea of starting a brand new practice. This practice would be dedicated to the meaningful use of medical technology with an expressed commitment to maximizing the patient experience. This would be done via (1) interactive patient visits, where the patient could utilize medical technology as well, (2) better patient access to their personal physicians via email and same day appointments, and (3) a focus on providing superior “customer service”, which has gotten lost in so many of the busy clinics of today. These ideas solidified for Mike and Meredith and “Our Family Doctor” was born.

Mike and Meredith will be joined by Jodi Schwab, MD also formerly of Ravenscroft Family Health Center, and Andrea Preston, MD, a recent MAHEC graduate to round out the group. The practice will open September 7th and will be taking new patients.

With the additional goal of becoming a certified Patient Centered Medical Home within one year of opening, Our Family Doctor hopes to provide their patients with the best that ambulatory medicine has to offer.

For all the staff and physicians at Our Family Doctor, the excitement is palpable as they endeavor to provide what so many patients out there are seeking – exceptional healthcare and a superior patient experience.